I don’t like Mondays

Our department Christmas party for tonight was cancelled, I’m cranky, so what is there to do but whine?

I’m halfway through writing a post for Houseless Tuesday tomorrow, defending the show against accusations of being formulaic – in particular, a comment posted to last week’s episode review, and the funny nod to the accusation in the episode itself. And then I read a post that, in the context of a much broader point, says pretty much what I’m arguing – that it’s less of a formula, more of a framework. Only Dead Things on Sticks Guy says less of a formula, more of a template. And he’s a TV writer so he’s all insightful and shit. But his post is about a lot more than that, talks about way more than House, and doesn’t babble on about My Name is Earl the way I am, so screw it. I’m posting tomorrow anyway, even though I could just do this – go read The Second Episode Problem.

What I really want to whine about isn’t whine-worthy either, it’s pretty much just evidence that I need to be slapped when I start to overthink things. I got an invitation from the Blogcritics SciTech editor to contribute to the Best of 2005 list for that category. She wants to know what I think is “the most important technological innovation of 2005.” The invitation itself is a little peculiar in that I usually write movie and TV reviews for them. I have an English lit degree. I have no real SciTech geek credentials, except web editing, I guess, and I have written about podcasts.

But really, it’s the “the” that scares me. I’m not an absolutist. My rods (or is it cones) can’t see black or white – just grey. I can’t name a favourite movie – it changes from mood to mood. I am afraid to commit to an absolute opinion. If you ask me for directions to my home, and we are standing on my doorstep, I will point and say “I think it’s right there.”

Plus, while my technophobe coworkers think I’m a technogeek, the woman who has a dollar seems rich to the woman who has a penny. I have no silicon chip inside my head. I’m not qualified to name “the” most important technological innovation. All the true technogeeks at Blogcritics will probably take care of the important gadgety stuff anyway. She wants interesting responses, from any area of science or technology. I work for the medical system – I should try to represent that. Somehow. Think someone will invent a cancer-curing technological innovation between now and the end of the week? Any other ideas?

I could decline to participate, but it sounds like a fun thing to think about and research during my cranky week. Yes, torturing myself with overthinking when I’m cranky is fun. Shut up.

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5 Responses to I don’t like Mondays

  1. Anonymous says:

    first off deekay, i have to say i love your episode reviews. it’s great to read your take on the episodes as they are so insightful and sometimes point out things i may have missed or interpreted differently. i was just filling my non-house-day by re-reading some of your earlier House related posts, when i came across something i found interesting:

    in an early post on pessimism, you stated that the creator, David Shore, “…could inexplicably succumb to John Wells syndrome, and turn the show into one of Dr. House’s beloved soaps.”

    one hot topic in House-related forums, as i’m sure you’re aware of, is the introduction of Stacy as House’s ex/love interest. i personally find the storyline fascinating and i don’t think it detracts from the show, but there are already groans from sections of the crowd that think House is heading towards the soaps direction. do you think the episodes are heading that way?

  2. Trevor says:

    Well, when I have to address a writing task of this nature, I often think back to what my old Creative Writing professor used to say, back in college: “Write about what you know. And if you don’t know anything, just make shit up.” Of course, that was just before he lost tenure…

    Mind you, if I were in your position, I would be sorely tempted to write-up some non-existent technological marvel, just to see if anyone noticed (especially if, as you say, the real geeks will have done all the heavy lifting by then).

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    Trevor, that’s BRILLIANT! I can think of this as a creative writing exercise. I feel much less cranky now. I think some sleep helped, too.

    Anonymous, I’ve been avoiding the House forum lately, partly because of the venom against Stacy, which spills over to the actress – I love hearing other people’s analysis of the show, not so much endless variations on “it sucks” and Botox jokes. Anyway, my own bitterness about that aside (maybe I’m still a little cranky), I think the introduction of some continuing personal storylines is partly what saved the show from being too formulaic. The core of the plot is still that medical mystery, but I think the show’s brilliance comes mostly from the character of House, and I’m very interested in what Stacy is revealing about him. The character storylines have been around long before Stacy showed up – the whole Cameron crush on House, the Vogler arc, Chase the snitch, hints of Wilson’s marital troubles. Until everyone has slept with everyone else and someone’s had their arm cut off by a helicopter, I won’t be using the word “soapy” or diagnosing John Wells syndrome yet.

  4. xue says:

    hey girl! hope you’re feeling less cranky. anyhows i love most of your tuesdays because i only get to watch House episodes rather randomly. only reached Daddy’s Boy so far whereas where i live.. they’re still showing Season 1. ok i have a slightly ulterior motive anyways.. was watching previous episodes and was just wondering if you knew the song they played on Season 1 for the senator’s episode. forgot the title.. but it was the one whereby Jennifer Morrison tendered her resignation to House in his house. tsk. goes along the lines of “it’s ok to not have start.. just look at the sky..” ok i’m really bad at this. =( PLUS i think for House to turn soap.. is pretty hard at this juncture. it’s too witty and a little more fast paced than how soaps actually progress. ok thanks alot! for your reviews no matter what.

  5. Diane Kristine says:

    Thanks neurotic! I definitely agree – it’s usually too much earnestness that turns something soapy for me, and House has too much wicked humour for that. The song you’re looking for is “It’s OK to think about ending” by Earlimart. It kind of disturbs me that I know that off the top of my head but can’t remember the name of the coworker I’m about to have a meeting with …

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