Shirley MacLaine is my soulmate

Me, yesterday:

“We not only get glimpses of stars in pretty clothes, but drunk stars in pretty clothes. The Hollywood Foreign Press knows how to throw an awards ceremony: with dinner and drinks. The prospect of acceptance speech after acceptance speech is far more appealing when they have the strong potential to be delivered under the influence.”

Shirley, today:

“I love the Golden Globe Awards. Ever since Jack Nicholson taught everybody it’s OK to moon the audience, it’s been so much fun. Everybody’s drunk by the time the important stuff comes up.”

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2 Responses to Shirley MacLaine is my soulmate

  1. Britomart says:

    Ha! And does this mean you knew her in a past life, too?

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Hmm, maybe I was her in a past life. Let the logic police ponder that.

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