Another sign I’m far too white

So I’ve been watching the first couple of discs of season one Lost, and these lovely, fair-skinned women keep taking off their clothes, and I’m thinking, “man, I hope there was a lot of sunscreen in that luggage.” The men don’t seem to get unclothed nearly as often. That’s the real tragedy of gender disparity in Hollywood.

I’d seen part of the pilot back when it originally aired, and was bored. That was still true this time, but I’d been promised it gets better. Now I see the appeal, though I’m not really hooked, and there’s no way I’ll be sifting through any of the extracurricular activities the show has spawned online and off. I just think, in theory, that it’s a cool example of how all those different elements can work together to feed the fans.

It’s a weird experience, watching a show that relies on unfolding mystery, and already knowing which characters I shouldn’t get too attached to, and which ones will hook up, some of their biographical details, and a few of the revelations and new questions that await them. And all that through osmosis – I didn’t seek out information on a show I didn’t watch. It’s not really like watching a movie with the ending ruined for me. It’s worse. It’s like knowing most of the major plot points of a neverending movie.

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  1. Meldraw says:

    Gah. That’s why I avoid spoilers, even for shows I don’t watch. You just never know when you’re going to become ridiculously involved in a show, five years too late. Ahem. “24.”

    Oh, and keep watching. The boys start to even the SPF playing field nearer the end of the season.

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