Vote now, vote often

Here’s your final chance to help me decide a permanent name for the Canadian TV site. Or use the comments for your refinements or write-in votes … but they’ll have to be damn good to cut through my indecisiveness.

Which do you prefer?
TV, eh? What’s on Canadian TV
Due North: What’s on Canadian TV
Our TV: What’s Up in Canadian TV
Canadian TV: More than just Mounties and moose
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3 Responses to Vote now, vote often

  1. xue says:


    translates.. Canadawatchestv or Canadianswatchtv.

    i know it’s grammatically wrong and all.. you get the gist. but i have this bad habit of coming up with cheesy things. so.. do bare with me. =\

  2. Anonymous says:

    If I have to choose between these titles, my vote is for just “Canadian TV” with no Mounties and moose subtitle.

    Eh? is one of those Canadian cliches I despise.

    Due North just makes me think of the show Due South…though I assume that was the point of whoever suggested it.

    Our TV just isn’t a catchy title.

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    But no write-in vote, despite the reluctance to choose? I’m not sure how to take “if I have to choose.” Did I imply a threat somewhere? I’m scarier than I thought!

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