Appearances are deceiving

Yesterday started badly for me, only I didn’t realize it, and ended well, at a strip club. No judgement on any of you who might find your days ending that way normally, but it wouldn’t be my idea of a good time under normal circumstances.

First, the unknown bad: Over the weekend I’d cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and found a few bottles of hair styling products I had abandoned before they were finished. I do that a lot, when I decide something else is going to be the miracle product to achieve my goal of natural looking and natural feeling hair that defies nature. I decided I should either throw them out or use them up, so yesterday I used some leftover mousse. All day I despaired that I must have used too much, because my hair felt kind of … icky. This morning, I picked up that bottle, looked a little more closely, and discovered it’s face cleanser mousse. I thought about using toothpaste to style my hair, but decided against it.

This isn’t like the time I accidentally took four vitamins instead of four Tylenol. Yesterday, I was perfectly awake, contact lenses in, lights on. It’s just … who makes face cleanser mousse? When I see a bottle of mousse, of course I think it’s for hair and don’t scrutinize the bottle. (Don’t you dare ask me who buys face cleanser mousse, uses ¾ of a bottle of it, then forgets it exists.)

Now the unusual good: the strip club was a very cool experience for me, even though (or, more likely, because) no naked people were involved. It was the location for my first on-set interview, which was also my first interview for a Canadian show. But one benefit to doing phone interviews is you never have to wonder, “did they notice I styled my hair with, let’s face it, fancy soap?” Anyway, that interview will be coming next week.

Now I need to stop writing frivolous blog entries and get a couple of reviews done before I can get started on writing up the interview. A brain would sure come in handy right about now, but things aren’t looking good on that front.

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4 Responses to Appearances are deceiving

  1. wcdixon says:

    Good story…except for the lack of naked people part.

    Can you help a poor boy out (not me – Jutratest)?

    He’s trying to find promo for some new CBC shows.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    No problem … I told him what I knew about, er, the one show I know about, but I don’t know anything more about the other one.

    I’m not really being cagey about what show the interview was for because of my usual pre-posting superstition … I just don’t want THIS post to be tied to it (and therefore googleable by it). I willingly, publicly embarrass myself enough – no need to compound it.

  3. Elizabeth M. says:

    Perhaps what really happened is that you bought the facial mousse thinking it was hair mousse and abandoned it when it didn’t provide the proper combination of body and shine? But somehow did manage to tighten the pores on the top of your head???

  4. Diane Kristine says:

    Ha! That sounds about right. And it took me 3/4 of a bottle to realize it … sigh. Oh well, I enjoyed the brain while I had it.

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