Guest Blogger Brother on "Fools for Love"

Brother: I finally watched the new House last night (why don’t they ever cancel baseball to air the shows that I like?) and thought it was the best of the season so far. I went over to your blog to see how wrong you would be about it, and was surprised that you were right.

Me: I can’t believe you doubted that I would be right. Even if I disagreed with you, I would still be right. [Though, I’d hate to have to choose between “Lines in the Sand” and “Fools for Love.”]

Brother: We picked up on a couple of the same things, like when Foreman was breaking the news to bro & sis I was impressed with Epp’s acting. And House’s ass joke was weak.

And it was funny. Even Cameron had some good lines, like “I’m hitting that, and it’s totally hot.”

Me: I meant to work in Cameron’s joke about “hitting that” but didn’t manage it – that was hilarious, though. Not just the joke so much, but the guys’ reactions to it.

Brother: I suppose Chase was a little funny too, but I’d pay to see an episode where House and his slaves beat him unmercifully. Maybe the Rock could guest-star in that episode.*

Me: So … not a Chase fan? Me neither, and I’m not usually impressed with the actor, but it is kind of funny how little they give him to do lately (like, the last 2 seasons). Maybe the writers aren’t fans either.

Brother: God, Morse is looking old though. How come all the actors we enjoyed when we were younger all look older, but we still look the same?

I had a thought that Tritter was what House would be like if he were a cop: intelligent, excellent at his job, vengeful. Then I decided that Tritter was what House would be like if he were a cop and had had friends and family (I’m assuming here, I know), wasn’t crippled or addicted to drugs, and wasn’t funny. So… not very much like House at all.

* A reference to a comment on the Kaplow interview on Blogcritics: “I suggesting the writer could have a seen with ‘The Rock’. Dr. House’s character it seems like no one could stand up to him but, I think the Rock could. Write something about how The Rock has to have surgery but really doesn’t becauce Dr. House mis-diagnosed him and The Rock wants to Slam dunk him. Something like that. thanks”

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I couldn’t find “Tom Stone” on your website about Canadian TV, so I thought I’d ask you whether you liked it. A small United States network is broadcasting it as “Stone Undercover” in primetime on Sundays. It was filmed in Alberta.


  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Sadly, I’d never even heard of it until you left this comment. My site is just for current Canadian programs, and I started it in July this year. After IMDb-ing Tom Stone, it seems it aired in 2002 … and flew way under my radar.

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