A very special episode of House

Here’s some perfect synergy of my favourite TV show and my day job in health care PR – This Hour Has 22 Minutes does House confronting the Canadian medical system.

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4 Responses to A very special episode of House

  1. wcdixon says:

    Curse you, Wild Diane! I was going to use this clip tomorrow for my Friday Fun. 🙁

    No mat…have to got to the trunk and dig out something else.

    Hey and thanks for all your comments and opins and observations on Cdn. TV…and all your thankless effort trying to create some buzz, for anything!. Seriously, thanks.

    And I’m working on getting you a sit down with Diggs 😉

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Aww, you should still use it – you have lots of readers who don’t come here. Maybe you could even figure out how to embed it? Because really, how could I *not* link to it?!

    No thanks necessary – all thanks to you guys who actually create the stuff for not so much glory.

    If you can’t manage Diggs, Hugh Laurie would be fine too.

  3. KrispykremelivesOn says:

    Oh darn it! Its 2008 now and their website doesnt have the 2006-2007 season posted! and that link didnt work!

    Crazy House spoofs are my drug of choice these days… I’ve seen the Dead Ringers one, the Mad TV one, and a couple others more general whose names I cant quite remember. They were all, at least to this easily amused mind, pretty damn hilarious!

    Diane, if you ever can fix this link, I’ll be ever so mighty grateful!

  4. Diane says:

    Sorry, they seem to have deleted it. You know how the internet gets full sometimes (imagine me rolling my eyes here). CBC is not so smart when it comes to sharing their videos.

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