Did I say Wednesday? I meant Thursday

I decided to have a nap after work before writing my House review and woke up at 1:30 a.m. Now I have to go to bed.

No, the party wasn’t that fun. Just tired.

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2 Responses to Did I say Wednesday? I meant Thursday

  1. Julia says:

    No conseguí ver este último episodio todavía, pero tu renuencia a escribir la reseña, me hace sospechar que no fue muy bueno o que te genera muchos conflictos… Espero estar equivocada y que se deba nada más que al comprensible cansancio de fin de año.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Hee, suspicious Julia thinks I’m stalling because I didn’t like the episode:

    I haven’t managed to see this last episode yet, but your reluctance to write the review makes me suspect it wasn’t very good or that you’re conflicted about it. I hope I’m wrong and that it’s nothing more than the understandable exhaustion of the end of year.

    Well, a little of both (get out of my brain!). It’s been a rough week and I was exhausted, but I might have pounded out the review before the nap if I’d been really excited by it. It’s not that I hated the episode, but yeah, I’m pretty conflicted about it. I’d started with such high hopes but now I’m just waiting for this Tritter arc to be done with.

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