Jazz hands

Will over at Uninflected Images Juxtaposed poses a question about why Canadians don’t get jazzed over their own shows. And I can’t shut up about it.

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4 Responses to Jazz hands

  1. wcdixon says:

    You did have a lot to say, didn’t you. Well I hope you felt better for it, as opposed to being driven deeper into the ‘what’s the point’ hole.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    That’s your way of saying “shut the f*** up,” isn’t it? Heh. Good luck with that.

    As an outsider looking in, I find myself fascinated and frustrated with this stuff in equal parts, because sometimes it seems no one actually wants to take responsibility for change. But I’m only ever briefly in the “what’s the point” hole.

  3. wcdixon says:

    And we, the collective ‘all three of us’, dig your perspective. Seriously. You’re informed enough to play, but not so entrenched or jaded or affected to have that influence your ‘hey I like tv and want to know what’s out there and what’s good and what isn’t’ viewer attitude.

    Or it’s the gams. I can’t remember now.

    Take the blame? Or take responsibility for change? Same thing, or two different things?

  4. Diane Kristine says:

    Oh, trick question. I don’t like the blame game in any situation. I actually share the attitude of the mysterious IronMaiden who told me to put up or shut up about a website. Identifying problems is easy, especially other people’s problems. Finding solutions that you can make happen, or that you can agitate for the right people to make happen, isn’t.

    And thanks for the kind words. I won’t take it as a shut up, then. Though I think I’m talked out for now, especially after the duplicate postings.

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