My week so far

Things I’ve been doing instead of catching up on the backlog of two – now only two! – book reviews and last week’s Intelligence review:

  • Working. True but uninteresting.
  • Rationalizing. This is one of my most highly developed talents. The theory behind the timing of my Intelligence reviews has always been that since I can’t do them same day, posting them the day before the next one airs gives me breathing room and lets me think of them as sort of “Last week, on Intelligence…” reminders. So if I look at it that way, my review of last week’s episode is not late, because the next episode airs next week. The fact that I just rewatched it with my reviewing eye – and pencil – puts me ahead of the game.
  • Skimming. The reason I’ve been whining about the backlogged book reviews has nothing to do with the quality of the books. I loved them, back when I read all three them before Christmas without writing a word, in a very bad tactical move. Now I find myself needing to skim them to refresh the details and help myself find my way in to the review. Good thing I liked them.
  • Avoiding. Specifically, news coverage of the Pickton trial. This will dominate the news here for months, and I will avoid the gory details for months. There are some things I just don’t need imprinted on my brain.
  • Soaking. I love the rain. Mostly. It’s the Vancouver area’s snow removal program. It’s also a good excuse to treat my cold, drenched self to a long, hot bath after a lovely, wet walk.
  • Procrastinating. What’s the purpose of this post, exactly? Hmm.
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8 Responses to My week so far

  1. CAROLINE says:

    I hear you on the procrastination. I’ve had my butt in my chair for two hours and have managed to do everything but I was supposed to. I think I need a good night’s sleep.

    I also need to do laundry and pack, going to Real Screen in Washington DC. Hoping it isn’t as frackin’ cold there as it is here right now but afraid to check the long term forecast.

    I think I have the same January funk that Will does. It shall pass. Man, do I need a dose of sunshine and beaches.

  2. wcdixon says:

    I’m in no funk…I’m merely Darkcloud.

    Hey Diane…looks like some competition, eh?

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    Cool! Not really competition – he’s trying to do something different, and from the BSG posts, not so focused on Canadian. Looks like he just started it so I hope he keeps it up and gets something interesting going. Maybe the grass are getting more roots … or something.

    Sorry to hear about the funk, Caroline. I’ve heard DC is cold-ish right now but Real Screen sounds fun? No?

  4. CAROLINE says:

    It’s not about fun. It’s about getting some work and some projects sold. Fun is immaterial, though I really don’t want to work with assholes anymore. I will get to see some great clients from the UK and Ireland and the Netherlands, looking forward to that. But I think I’m getting phobic about staying in hotels after watching one too many PrimeTime Hidden Camera investigations.

    See Dix, I just don’t get the Darkcloud thing. You really don’t seem that dark, at least not in our little chats anyway. Honest, yes. Blunt, sure. But not really a darkcloud.

  5. Diane Kristine says:

    Fun is never immaterial, especially when you’re in a funk.

  6. CAROLINE says:

    True enough. I recently corrected someone who used the phrase “senseless debauchery”. Debauchery, as we all know, is never senseless.

  7. DMc says:

    That’s weird, Caroline.

    “no more working with assholes” was my ONLY resolution this year. So far so good.

    Dix can do the dark cloud–get it out. Just don’t pack it down. And breathe.

  8. CAROLINE says:

    Denis, not weird, just the inevitable result of working in this business for a certain amount of time. I know one of the folks you are working for right now really well and he’s a mensch.

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