Just a really slow news day

Global TV, Tuesday, Feb. 27: Premiere of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.

Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 27:
Front page, above-the-fold article on “Do you know as much as a 5th grader,” with sample questions and a synopsis of the show rules, leading to the full story on page 6.

Global and the Sun are both owned by CanWest Global. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. A respected newspaper wouldn’t put an ad for their own show on the front page disguised as an article, right?

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2 Responses to Just a really slow news day

  1. DMc says:

    That is just beyond the ‘heffin pale.

    I was shocked a few weekends ago when I read the sun and found it to be a great newspaper. Then someone I worked with told me that the weekend editors and the weekday were totally different.

    if you dare to call yourself a journalist, or an editor, and you signed off on that “crossover” last night — you are a whore and deserve every ounce of self loathing you must obviously feel.

    If I were a subscriber to the Sun, I’d cancel tomorrow. As it is, I’m never going to bother buying a single copy weekday edition.

    That is just completely awful. Man.

  2. CAROLINE says:

    Let’s see what CanWest does to the New Republic now that they’ve bought it outright. Isn’t that the benefit of convergence …. propaganda?

    TORONTO, Feb. 27 /CNW/ – CanWest Global Communications Corp. (“CanWest”) today announced that a wholly owned subsidiary has acquired a 100% interest in
    The New Republic, a 93 year old United States based political magazine. This acquisition follows the purchase by CanWest in 2006 of a 30% interest.

    “The New Republic, similar to CanWest’s other publications, has a strong foundation and a proud history. We look forward to seeing it become even stronger” said Tom Strike, President of CanWest MediaWorks International. “In
    today’s media environment, we need to place a priority on delivering quality content to readers when, where and how they want it. The New Republic is well-positioned to do just that”.

    The magazine and its website are currently undergoing a major overhaul. The makeover includes a new frequency of publication, bigger issues and a new
    reader-friendly design. The enhanced website will be launched soon with more daily digital content.

    Greg MacNeil, a well-respected veteran of Canadian publishing, is acting as Interim Publisher. Marty Peretz will continue as Editor-in-Chief.

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