Snark vs. Snark

In a nice convergence of my House obsession and Canadian TV … hmm, what to call it? Canadian TV adventure? … This Hour Has 22 Minutes is collecting votes for its best-of clips show (vote for House). One of the clips is the House sketch I linked to a while ago (vote for House). Vote on your favourite 5 clips of the last 2 years (vote for House) and the top vote-getters will be seen in the February 20 show (vote for House).

I would never want to influence anyone’s vote (vote for House) so I won’t encourage you to vote for any particular sketch, but if you’re a 22 Minutes fan, head on over and vote (for House).

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4 Responses to Snark vs. Snark

  1. wcdixon says:


  2. CAROLINE says:

    Rick Mercer is having a similar vote as well.

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    But does he have a House sketch …

  4. CAROLINE says:

    No. But he did spend the night at Stephen Harper’s house. That was pretty funny. So was him skinny dipping with Bob Rae during the leadership race.

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