Katie Jacobs interview

I was a good Blogcritic and respected their preference to have things posted there first, and I don’t quite have time now to repost here until after work, so check it out:

I’ll post the interview transcript by Tuesday morning, too, for the keeners who want more.

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2 Responses to Katie Jacobs interview

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful interview with Katie Jacobs. She seems to be the soul to David Shore’s intellect for this great show. I am especially intrigued by the discussion of the tension between allowing House to evolve slowly vs. maintaining the character’s defining features unreformed.

    And of course any time we can get one of the main PTB to admit enjoying the delicious sizzle between House and Cuddy and wanting to explore that relationship some more, it is a good day all around.

    Thank you for this thoughtful, incisive interview. I hope that one day you will get a shot at interviewing Hugh Laurie. I am sure you will do your usual in-depth, informed job.


  2. wcdixon says:

    Yay! Way to go Diane…nice one.

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