In case you’re looking for the House review …

… and missed the delay warning in this post, I just got home, am having a bath and going to bed, and haven’t even seen the show yet (so shhhh! Remember how I feel about spoilers). Review tomorrow or Thursday. But probably tomorrow. But every time I say that, it’s Thursday.

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  1. bloggi says:

    waiting thursday then

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    It’s still Wednesday! There’s still hope. Though it’s almost 7 here and I haven’t seen it yet and I have some stuff to do and … yeah. Maybe Thursday. But I haven’t ruled out today yet.

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    Crap. Unforeseen circumstances (aka I forgot about plans tonight) mean it’ll be late Friday or Saturday now. The short version: two big thumbs up.

  4. Halifax TV/Film says:

    Hi, as you seem to be the “House” expert I have a question for you. I’m a recent convert to House, meaning I just started watching this current season. Love the show, love Hugh Laurie. We all know his pain issues surrounding his leg but how did he hurt his leg? I know this seems like a basic question but I was watching last night’s episode with Selma ?, his ex and there were all these references to his leg and I realized I don’t know the origin. Please enlighten me.

  5. DMc says:

    I think the old site owner here has time management issues getting her review up — and this is an easy one.

    The best explanation of what happened with House’s leg comes in a run with his ex-wife, played by Sela Ward, at the end of season 2. You get a pretty good rundown of what happened in a show that won the Emmy called “Three Stories.”

    Rent House Season 2 on DVD, watch the last couple discs and all shall be revealed to you.

  6. DMc says:

    Mmm. Unless “Three Stories” is in Season One. It might be. oh well. Read the box at Blockbuster. That’s the ep you want.

  7. Diane says:

    Yeah, season one. And that’s an amazing episode to watch anyway. Though the pilot also explains what happened in short form: he had an infarction in his thigh which killed muscle and nerves and caused his chronic pain because the doctors didn’t catch it in time.

    I don’t want to ruin Three Stories by explaining more – amazing hour of TV.

    Now, I suppose I should write that review …

  8. Halifax TV/Film says:

    Okay, when I retire to the carribean, I plan on loading a trunk full of dvds of all the shows that I’ve missed plus classics like Barney Miller. In the meantime, i need to know what caused the infarction and how his wife was involved. please.

  9. Diane says:

    WTF? That explanation was about as much as you’re going to get. Now I regret answering you, ungrateful *&%$ …

  10. Halifax TV/Film says:


  11. Halifax TV/Film says:

    Okay, #1 “diane” if that is your real name, the internet is ment to be all inclusive, friendly to all open discussions and 99.9% true.

    #2 your “answer” to my question was not very nice. I had asked the question becuase I really wanted to know the answer. Your blog showed that you were a fan who wanted to share her thoughts on the show. “Great” I thought, here’s someone who likes the same thing I do and identifies with the story characters and themes of a quality show. Guess I wasn’t expecting that someone would bait a trap hoping to insult a sincere fan. I guess I’m still naive thinking there are reasons and opertunities for people who share the same interests on the internet.

    # 3, how can you curse without using the “#”? Even Popeye used that! You ….ungrateful….person.

    The Outsider.

    But I do think your eyes are dreamy.

  12. Diane says:

    Well Troll Who Isn’t Making Much Sense But is Probably Trying to be Funny, my first response was not rude and certainly not a trap. Anything that happened in Three Stories just adds detail and nuance, and anything I say about it will ruin the episode for you or anyone else who hasn’t seen it yet but intends to. If the pilot explanation isn’t enough for you, try Google. It’s magic.

  13. Halifax TV/Film says:


    I don’t know. I’m sorry, I was just asking a quetsion.

    I guess I’ll google or ask someone friendlier

    Very confusing.

  14. DMc says:

    Pretty strange. 330 pm to 7pm.
    In that time, you could have gone to Blockbuster, rented the DVD, came home, watched it, and taken it back and had a wonderful Emmy award winning experience — but instead you wanna get shirty because the person you asked for a favor didn’t give you enough detail?

    It’s one thing to be lazy or disengaged enough to not want to get off your ass and go to the video store…but to be provided with the name of the ep, and not want to take the time to Google?

    Are you booking appointments for the Queen or something? do you have a heart transplant you have to perform in the next ten minutes?

    Seriously dood. check yer head.

  15. Halifax TV/Film says:

    I am seriously confused. I don’t understand why the anger. I thought I was just asking a question that an expert, and obviously you are one on the subject of House, Diane, could provide.

    If I came off as shirty, I apologize.

  16. Diane says:

    You asked, I answered, including why I didn’t want to give more details. The anger comes from your increasingly sarcastic, personal, and insulting responses because my first answer wasn’t detailed enough for you. The answers are readily available elsewhere – I’m not withholding the secret of the universe from you.

    I’m not an expert on House, I’m a fan of the show. I am not a fan of strangers who demand answers from me and get pissy when the answer isn’t enough for them.

    I’m sure your confusion was disingenuous, but again, you asked, I answered. If the answer’s not good enough for you, please keep it to yourself.

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