Robson Arms

While my writing time this weekend goes to the half-leaked House interview, I figured I’d steal a blog post from an e-mail I wrote:

The Robson Arms season finale was last night, and I really liked that show overall. To me, each episode is like a mini relationship drama, with humour in various sized doses, so the is-it-comedy-or-is-it-drama thing didn’t bother me at all. And even though it’s only half an hour, and each relationship only got one or two episodes in the spotlight, you learn a lot about the characters – it’s economical storytelling. The finale ended with wordless scenes of the other characters you hadn’t seen in the episode that told you a lot about their ultimate fates. I might just watch the first season now.

I like having another Canadian show to root for. Which means they’ll probably cancel it.

Season one’s on DVD and online.

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4 Responses to Robson Arms

  1. Patrick says:

    The show is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m rooting for it too. Any predictions on who the new tenants will be next season?

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Since I didn’t see season one I don’t know if they turn over all the tenants, or just some? We didn’t get much resolution with Sault St. Marie so I’ll bet she comes back. No idea on who might be new … Wendy Crewson? Paul Gross? One of the other five actors working in Canadian TV?

  3. Kelly J. Compeau says:

    Season One was very similar to Season Two in its execution, Diane. Not all stories were thoroughly explored or resolved. Many characters were only visited once during the first run. That’s why I was glad when they got renewed, so I could learn more about the various residences of Robson Arms. If the show gets the go-ahead for another season, I really hope they can expand to an hour-long.


  4. Patrick says:

    I would love to see Nicholas Campbell move in, but then again, I want him in every show.

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