Delicious and practical

It’s wrong that I want someone I know to have a messy break-up, or bad boss trauma, or something, just so I can send them a chocolate voodoo doll, right?

Yeah, I thought so. Damn.

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3 Responses to Delicious and practical

  1. Jen Marrón says:

    Wrong? I dunno. But I’m thinking that judging misfortune as trifling if it gets you a chocolate voodoo doll speaks to some very sad (and probably dire) pathology.

    …toddles off to antagonize loved ones and send unprofessional emails to colleagues

  2. CAROLINE says:

    Oooh. It makes me want to have a trauma just so you can send me one. Where does one procure such a thing if one should require one? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  3. Diane says:

    The image is a link to a site, though it’s American – let me know if you spot one in Canada, Caroline. I plan to make it my mission to pop into chocolate stores to see if I can spot one. Someone’s gotta do the dirty work …

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