I tried, I really did

It’s 11 p.m., I’m exhausted and sunburned (no, I didn’t go anywhere tropical or even particularly warm – I am just that pasty white), have to get up early for work tomorrow, and I’m only half done the House review. I’m still plugging away but I know I’m going to crash before it’s posted. I have a long day ahead, but should be able to finish up by late tomorrow. I think. I promise this is the last time this season I’ll break my promise to get it up by a specific day.

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7 Responses to I tried, I really did

  1. Xavier says:

    Hi Diane,

    Many thanks for your effort on having House reviews on time. I just can’t wait to know what’s going to happing on the last show – here in Spain we’ve recently seen “Act your age” show, so having recent info is great.

  2. Mary says:

    Diane Kristine, I will be happy to read what you have to say, whenever you find time to say it.

    Since I didn’t even start to watch “House” until “One Day, One Room,” I am happily looking forward to the re-run season, and know that I will be revisiting this site for your reviews of all the third season shows I missed.

  3. Suldog says:

    We still love you. Take your time.

  4. Diane Kristine says:

    Aww, thanks guys.

  5. Darius says:

    so, Omar Epps is signed for next season… wonder how they’re going to write him back into the script?

  6. Boffle says:

    Last time this season, my eye ;->

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Human Error and for your penance, lo these many times being late, perhaps some thoughts on season three as a whole and whither ye House paradime may goeth in yon season fourth.

  7. Diane says:

    Hmm, well, I didn’t mean that as a promise to have it up Thursday – I qualified that enough to cover my ass – I meant my previous promise was the last. I’ll save season three as a whole thoughts for if I do a DVD review, I think.

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