But lastborn are cutest

My big brother sent me a link with the comment “I always knew it, and now there’s scientific proof.” The link went to this article:

When I saw that headline, I literally laughed out loud. As I told him, though, it was a laugh of derision and disbelief.

[Study author Petter] Kristensen, who is the second-born child in his family, says his other three siblings have differing views about his new findings. “The person who is happiest about the results would be my older brother,” he says. As for his younger siblings, “they just don’t believe it.”

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One Response to But lastborn are cutest

  1. DMc says:

    Firstborn are definitely cleverest. Because we have to figure out everything on our own. You get to watch our mistakes and avoid them.

    Also, we’re better at opening jars. Deal with it.

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