Eclectic tastes. Yeah, that’s it

I had such plans for the evening, possibly involving figuring out my issues with Audacity, preparing for my move next month, or, I don’t know, curing cancer. Instead, I’ve decided to die of heat prostration.

But I’m going out in style, watching The Philadelphia Story on Turner Classic Movies (wait … don’t I have that on DVD?) . Cary Grant is so dreamy for a dead guy.

In case that’s too classy, though, I’m flipping over to Canada’s Next Top Model, too.

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One Response to Eclectic tastes. Yeah, that’s it

  1. Kelly J. Compeau says:

    I haven’t seen the ep, yet, but I hear that Cori was sent home. Pretty girl, but too intellectually immature and emotionally unstable. The fashion industry would have chewed her up and spit her out.

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