These fan campaigns are nuts

I seem to be channeling the cranky lately. So my latest Blogcritics post is:

(Blogcritics has changed the rules so now we have to post things there first. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t also post here once they’ve published an article, but I’ll probably just link to them now.)

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3 Responses to These fan campaigns are nuts

  1. Mef says:

    good point about the save the—-campaigns.

    The oddest thing to me was that it was cancelled in the first place. I didn’t join any movements but I thought, oh, that was kind of dumb.

    the ratings suffered against AI sure, but the second half was a better show. Was it any good? probably not, but i have a soft spot for post apocylyptic stories, even ones that are, as you pointed out early on, unusually optimistic.

    I read somewhere that the cbs affiliates were underwhelmed by the new schedule and cbs execs had to scramble. That might just be a rumour though.

    let’s see what the producers and cbs do with the second chance.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    I’d heard that about the underwhelmed affiliates, too. I’ve seen some of the new stuff (reviews coming … eventually) and I’m pretty underwhelmed too. It will be interesting to follow the second chance, and see if they can get at least a full season out of it.

  3. CAROLINE says:

    I’m channeling the cranky lately myself … must be something going around.

    And for the record, I NEVER liked Jericho. So there.

    It makes for a pretty interesting season when the network you are most looking forward to watching is the CW. Seriously.

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