House Season Three DVD

Out now. Get it.

Will I write about it? Only if a review copy comes through. Yeah, I’m a hard ass.

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3 Responses to House Season Three DVD

  1. wcdixon says:


  2. Mary says:

    Thank goodness for DVDs (and Netflix) so I can finally catch up on the first part of Season Three, which has NOT been re-broadcast over the summer.

    Yes, I know from Diane Kristine’s reviews that several episodes are not up to the usual “House” standard. But the whole program is so far above standard TV fare that I’m willing to risk disappointment.

  3. Diane Kristine says:

    Yeah, yeah Will. I’d still rather watch House reset than John From Cincinnati do whatever the hell it was doing.

    So don’t listen to that malcontent, Mary, it’s absolutely worth it. I’m buying it for sure – I’m just burned out enough this summer that I won’t write a review unless I’m obligated to. I don’t mean that comment as a slight against the season – there were some definite highlights to go along with the few clunkers.

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