It’s fall already?

I still have a bunch of reviews to do for some of the upcoming new series, and a couple of other posts I want to get up before the Emmys and the fall premiere rush. But how unprepared am I for the new television season? I haven’t set up my PVR since moving a month ago. I’ve suddenly realized the first of the fall onslaught comes next week, and I need to get cracking.

I still have and love my computer-based setup, but I have to either buy a longish coaxial cable or I need to develop superhuman strength in order to swap out a couple of cables that would give me the length where I need it and not where I don’t. That cable installer woman was freakishly strong. (Full disclosure: I’m freakishly weak.) Where’s the Bionic Woman when you need her? (Answer: In a disappointing pilot episode.)

So before I have the PVR set up to do my remembering for me, and in order to plan for rushing my K-Ville review (Sept. 17) and slacking on the Cashmere Mafia review (Dec. 4), I’ve been grateful for a few online resources to keep track of what’s on when.

As for me, well, I’ll have some thoughts of my own soon. Soon-ish. Eventually.

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3 Responses to It’s fall already?

  1. Corien says:

    Grin – I used to have a similar setup (TV card in PC to record).
    Now I’ve got a DVD/HD recorder 😉
    We don’t have anything like Ti-Vo here, wish we did!

    I’m counting down to when all series start again too, but I’m using this online calendar and not the futon critic
    You can filter out the shows you don’t like, and mark what you’ve watched.

    I gave up on Intelligence by the way, have an aversion to dark shows. (literally – the ones filmed in low light) I like to see what I’m watching.

  2. Rae says:

    You’re right about Viva, it doesn’t premiere until late October. I was going to recommend the same online calendar as Corien. It’s actually great for all year too because you can keep track of when new episodes of shows are airing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Better get cracking on seting up your PVR. I can’t wait for Cashmere Mafia. Read a few things over at about it. I to will be setting up my tivo to record this, and will be here the day after to read your input on what you thought. Keep up the good work. Marsha

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