New TV, eh? podcast

After a slight delay, the TV, eh? podcast is back in time for the fall season. Caroline, John Callaghan and I chat about Intelligence, The Rick Mercer Report, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie, while Denis McGrath interviews writer and producer Mark Farrell of Corner Gas and This Hour Has 22 Minutes (thanks mef!)

See the full show notes at TV, eh?, subscribe via iTunes or the RSS feed, or listen below (it’s about 30 minutes).

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2 Responses to New TV, eh? podcast

  1. Mef says:

    no problem.
    hate the sound of my own voice, though.


  2. DMc says:

    Please! Great voice. And then the slight East Coast accent comes through and it’s golden man. Golden.

    thanks for a great interview!

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