This time it’s not just late

If you’re looking for a review of tonight’s House, sorry. But I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts about the new season soon.

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4 Responses to This time it’s not just late

  1. Julia says:

    Se te extraña! Acabo de ver el episodio y me pregunto qué te habrá parecido. A mí me gustó mucho y me pareció muy inteligente la manera de mostrar para qué necesita un equipo, más allá de que son hilarantes las escenas con Wilson.

  2. Mef says:

    i for one miss your House reviews.
    there, i said it.


  3. Diane says:

    Aww, thanks Mark. I’ll have something about the season so far up soon though – I couldn’t go cold turkey.

  4. Mary says:

    I miss them too, DeeKay. “TV Squad”‘s reviews aren’t as well written as yours, and I refuse to wade through all the angry cruft on “TVWOP” to find a coherent thought or two about “House.”

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