Singing Daisies

James Poniewozik of Time’s Tuned In blog points out that with all the hype over Viva Laughlin‘s abject failure to popularize the TV musical, Pushing Daisies has quietly done it.

This week had Ellen Greene singing a weird and wonderful version of Morning Has Broken (the widescreen video is sadly distorted to fit 4:3 – that’s not part of the show’s distinctive look):

Previously, Kristin Chenoweth and Greene sang They Might Be Giants’ Birdhouse in Your Soul:

And my personal favourite, early on, Chenoweth belted out a hilarious and heartbreaking version of Hopelessly Devoted to You:

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2 Responses to Singing Daisies

  1. Corien says:

    Nice! A collection of all the Pushing Daisies songs! I really like them dinging occasionally – and you’re right about the distinctive look too, very bright and a lot of primary colors 🙂 Add the voice of Jim Dale and you’ve got a great series 😉

  2. Corien says:

    Who put the s and d so close together on my keyboard ?!

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