More bad news for blondes

Most everyone by now has seen poor Miss South Carolina hilariously butcher her response to a simple question:

I have some sympathy. She goes beyond any kind of verbal trainwreck I’ve ever experienced, but in moments of stress, my brain forgets to send signals to my mouth, too, and the mouth sometimes tries to go it alone.

Then there was the blonde who so badly interviewed Holly Hunter:

But now we’ve got an interviewer trying to convince one of my favourite actors, John Cusack, that he was in American Beauty, and I want to change the colour of my hair:

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One Response to More bad news for blondes

  1. Kelly J. Compeau says:

    I was born a platinum blonde. Couldn’t wait to go darker as a teen because I got tired of the jokes and insults about my apparent lack of intelligence. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who used White-Out to correct a typo on her computer screen in high school. Sheesh!

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