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TV writer Jill Golick is the person behind Story2Oh! (which I wrote about here) and the Running With My Eyes Closed blog, where she dissects television episodes. Her posts are ostensibly lessons in the craft of TV writing, but they’re also fascinating for TV fans like me who like to see how their toys work. Even more fascinating when she delves into my favourite show.

Jill — a lovely woman despite the fact that she’s tragically missing an “l” in her last name – just posted an account of a session she moderated at the Canadian Film Centre with CFC alum and current House writer Pam Davis. (Trivia alert: she is possibly the person behind the McGill paraphernalia that pops up on that show. EDIT: Jill confirms that’s true in the comments). It’s a deliciously insidery look at the House story department, of which Davis is one of 11 members. Read it here.

Fittingly, since Pam’s last episode was Christmas-themed, Jill offered me the gift of a couple of juicy tidbits that didn’t quite fit into her mandate of breaking down the craft of writing, but did fit quite nicely into mine of feeding the inner fangirl.

The juiciest: Jill says that Pam says that “anyone who has a crush on Hugh Laurie really ought to, because he is fabulous.” It’s always nice to have validation, especially from someone who would know.

She also adds: “Pam confirmed that the woman really was a prostitute, in case you were wondering.”

I kind of was, as were some of my friends. I actually rewatched the scene where they talk about her pendant in case I’d missed some clue that she was just putting House on. The clues of HIV tests every three months, and her impulse to think STD, and her comment about not telling mother what she does because “why break her heart just to feel righteous” all seemed clear, but I did feel like I was missing something at the end. So, nice to have confirmation, too.

As a friend of mine pointed out: “It was such a Houseian thing – a prostitute playing the Virgin Mary in an episode called ‘It’s a Wonderful Lie.’ Though if memories of Catholic school serve, Mary would have been considered quite the soiled dove as an unmarried pregnant woman (apparently Joseph did her quite the favor) so even if Mary wasn’t a prostitute, she would have been viewed, in her time, as no better than one. So it’s a lie – but really it’s the truth (sort of) masquerading as a lie.”

Jill also tells me that David Shore was on CBC today, saying he’s back at work now that the writers strike is almost officially over (showrunners went back to work today, other writers will go back Wednesday if the Tuesday vote allows it, as is expected). He said they should have episodes ready for the end of April, though that doesn’t necessarily mean FOX will air them then.

Stay tuned next time when I actually post thoughts of my own.

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7 Responses to Second-hand House news

  1. Corien says:

    Really great to have it explained/confirmed that she *was* a prostitute!!
    I just rewatched the episode yesterday, and although I had very strong suspicions that she was (indeed the numeral STD references, her not denying a thing, and the line about her mom), but I was still wondering a little.

    I did spot something else too: when House showed his team Maggie’s computer there was an e-mail:
    Sorry to hear you won’t be coming along on the Halloween Day Climb. You’re going to miss Matt’s famous Ghou () Dance. Not to mention the wine and smores. Pam.

    Written by Pamela Davis, and directed by Matt Shakman.

    Pretty neat!

  2. jill380 says:

    You know I had the l removed for cosmetic reasons, not nice to make fun in blog.

    I can confirm the McGill thing. I believe that Pam went to McGill and when the art department came around in the first season it fell to the writers’ assistant to guide them. She decided to pay tribute to her alma mater.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Diane, is there any way to convince you to start writing House episode reviews again? Maybe for the next season? Your reviews were the most comprehensive and intelligently written (this is coming from a die-hard House fan!) and I am missing them really badly.

  4. Diane Kristine says:

    Thanks, that’s so kind of you. I’d never say never, but it would depend on what’s going on in my life come September. And in the meantime, I’m kind of enjoying just watching the show!

  5. Suldog says:

    The prostitute/church/donkey show thing was one of my favorite House bits of all time. Thanks for posting the interview!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This was so fun to read and thanks for the link to Pam’s story. I loved that episode and thought it was great how she seemed to be a prostitute but yet some people weren’t totally sure. It’s one of the brilliant things about House that there’s lots of room for interpretation…

    Oh and I second the previous Anonymous 🙂 Diane, please do review as many House episodes as you can. Love your reviews and also your thematic takes on House themes. You’re a pleasure to read!

  7. Diane Kristine says:

    Thanks anonymous #2!

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