This is Emily Yeung interview

I wrote something short based on the interview with Mark Bishop of This is Emily Yeung from last Sunday’s TV, eh? Blogtalkradio show:

  • This is This is Emily Yeung on DVD
    “‘The idea behind the show is to watch the show, go online and play with Emily, and then with your parent or caregiver or teacher, have some additional activities which you can get on Emily’s website, and then go out into the world and do something, go out into the world and explore, go out into the world and try new things. And then come back next week and watch the show again.'” Read more.
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2 Responses to This is Emily Yeung interview

  1. Corien says:

    I really enjoyed the interview!

    Pretty sure it doesn’t air here, wanted to try and see part of an episode but sadly I get a “you are not in Canada so can’t access most parts of the website” message.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    I hate geoblocking. The DVD seems to be only available in Canada, too.

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