TV producers on online fans

Here’s my latest Banff fest article on Blogcritics:

  • Online Fans Represent TV’s Vocal Minority
    “Does Eric Millegan’s fate in the Bones finale still have you fuming? Can’t stop talking about Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and Anne Dudek’s powerful performances in the House season ender? Pondering Swingtown, looking forward to Sanctuary, and can’t wait for the boys of Entourage to return? Like many fans, maybe you’re expressing those thoughts online … and maybe the people behind those shows are reading. During various sessions at the Banff World Television Festival, TV writers, producers, and directors commented on their reaction to that instant, online audience reaction.” Read more.

All my Blogcritics Banff articles so far are gathered here. I’ve still got several I want to write, and am working on a mammoth one on a couple of The Craft sessions that I’m trying to make less mammoth, but now that I’m back at work the flow of articles will slow.

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2 Responses to TV producers on online fans

  1. Betty M. says:

    I just found you & your site because someone emailed me re your article on ‘Sanctuary’. Great article, btw.
    And now, a question: Any ideas on how to get Alliance Atlantis to finish putting TRADERS out on DVD? Your profile says that you like TV and so I thought you may have some hints. I’ve been emailing them once a month for a year & have never gotten even an acknowledgement of my question. I finally managed to get my own copy of the Season 1 DVD Box and it only made me want the other 4 seasons even more. (I adore David Hewlett and think the whole show was brilliant.)

    Thank you for your time.
    Betty M.

  2. Diane Kristine says:

    Sorry, I have no idea, except that Alliance Atlantis was acquired and split up and no longer exists as a single entity, so the emails are probably futile … if the silence didn’t already suggest that. It’s in constant reruns on CLT so shouldn’t be too hard to find on Canadian TV, though.

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