The Emmys: Talk about low expectations

My thoughts on the Emmys are up on Blogcritics, including smiling for House, frowning for Pushing Daisies, shrugging over Two and a Half Men, and scratching my head over why I should care what channel a nominee is on:

  • The Emmys Don’t Get It Abysmally Wrong
    “Hugh Laurie is nominated in a field so competitive it took six slots to fit in the five worthy nominees and still include James Spader. Who, let’s face it, will win again. I can’t take anything away from the other nominees, but as the years go on it becomes more incomprehensible that Laurie still hasn’t won for a performance that can tumble from heartbreaking to infuriating to side-splitting in an instant. His lack of a nomination in 2006 was something I’m always fearful will be repeated.” Read more.

I’ll probably do another of my looks-like-it-might-be-annual posts half-heartedly predicting the winners later, so don’t take me seriously predicting James Spader’s inevitable win. Though it wouldn’t surprise me anymore.

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