Yet Another Interview with House Writer Lawrence Kaplow

Before I duck back into semi-retirement from House writing, I just had to do this interview. Larry Kaplow, who left the show after three seasons — and two previous interviews with me — returns for season five. His first episode back (co-written with David Shore) airs Tuesday.

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    “It was like coming into a new show. It was really hard writing the first episode back. The others had been with these characters for a year — well, a truncated year because of the strike, but 16 episodes, so they had a feeling for them. I came in almost like any new writer coming into a show. The structure of the show had changed.” Read more.

For simplicity, I did this one as a Q&A so it’s mostly the edited transcript of our talk. And, um, in my defense re: the “full of shit” comment … the man cannot take a compliment and there’s only so many times you can reassure that someone gives good interview, so that was a compliment in Kaplowese. I do not say that kind of thing to all my interview subjects (though sometimes it’s tempting for a whole other reason).

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2 Responses to Yet Another Interview with House Writer Lawrence Kaplow

  1. Corien says:

    Perfect! I’m so happy he’s back!
    Seriously, where do I send those fireworks and parade-instructions? 😀

    (I hadn’t seen this before now by the way)

  2. Elizabeth M. says:

    Aaaargh! “Three More Stories” is the episode I’ve been waiting to see since the pilot! What House fan doesn’t want to know how the hell House and Wilson got together in the first place. Someone PLEASE tell me that idea isn’t permanently shelved…

    GREAT interview. Welcome back Mr. Kaplow – we missed you!

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