Lindsay Blackett is not the devil

I’ve been a bit incommunicado today so didn’t have time to respond by deadline to an Edmonton Journal request for comment on the story about the Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett who called some Canadian television “shit” at the Banff World Television Festival. I’ll write more about the overall issue of Canadian television later, unattached to this news story, but this is what I wrote back, knowing it’s too late for her article:

I was in the room and have the session recorded. I feel his comments were taken slightly out of context, though I know a politician – especially a Culture Minister – being less than supportive of tax money going towards culture is obviously going to cause consternation among the cultural community, as it should. However, he said the same thing I have heard in that room year after year.

He did not say or imply that all Canadian television was shit. He said that a lot of what he saw at the funding stage was shit, and asked how we could have a business model that supported better quality – a question that generated interesting discussion from the panel who agreed that a better model is needed. I interviewed Peter Keleghan later and he was not happy with the comment but acknowledged that he was right about needing a better business model (it was Keleghan who responded at the panel to say that broadcasters are given no incentive to make shows Canadians want to watch – their financial incentive is in buying American programming.)

If you read industry blogs or talk to anyone making their living in Canadian television, they aren’t shy in talking about the problem of quality. You only have to look at the failed pilots the networks burn off every year to understand that a lot of what goes into development is not great television. I believe if he were a television producer saying the exact same thing, everyone would have nodded and moved on. In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve seen and heard in three previous years at the festival.

In fact, the panel had been talking about the problem of quality in Canadian television. They, however, aren’t politicians and didn’t use the word shit. Kenny Hotz (Kenny vs Spenny) disparaged Canadian television far more than the MLA, using far worse expletives, but then he isn’t a Culture Minister. He’s just a guy who makes Canadian television.

EDIT: The audio is posted here.

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4 Responses to Lindsay Blackett is not the devil

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course, the irony is that Kenny Hotz makes shit television.

  2. Kay says:

    Thanks for the bigger picture Diane.
    That being said, I would hope for a more nuanced comment from a Culture Minister. I believe that this comment will simply encourage those who never watch & never will watch Cdn TV to say "See I told you Cdn TV is crap"

    And of course, the definition of "crap shows" varies from person-to-person (spoken as someone who agrees with Anonymous)

  3. David says:

    What did you see? What did you like? What would you see again or want more of?

    In the 70s Juneau's Green Paper on FM created MAPL designations and mandated 70% Can Con. Our music slowly took off. We stand head and shoulders with the rest of the world at the international level musically.

    If we want the same for our visual stories we need some one to bring it to the fore. Blackett has struck a match. Do the media have the kindling? Do the Canadian people? Or will this be another story du jour? In this thousand channel universe it will be much more difficult than it would have been in the 70s or 80s.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem is generalizing an industry when the people who work behind the scenes are suffering. The Kenny VS Spenny fellow's opinion is not worth paying attention to. Watch his body language, constantly seeking approval from the rest of the panel. As for Mr. Blackett, he is only trying to fit in with this gang of "mentors" by saying the things he is. Like a bunch of teens smoking outside high school property. I have worked on many productions, some good… some bad, thing is that everyone got to have a meal for their families at the end of the day. A broad brushstroke by a man that is supposed to be supporting an industry doesn't exactly mean that he has a right to condemn it, especially at an international function. Don't try and sugar coat what Mr. Blackett is saying in any way. negative attitudes do not help the situation at hand, only positive.

    Dan Stoddart

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