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Who am I?

I create communications strategies, write articles and proposals, provide content marketing, conduct plain language coaching, and manage websites and social media. My clients range from large, complex organizations to small charities, focusing on healthcare, technology, the arts, employee engagement, and more.

I’m a Canadian living in Scotland who worked for two years at a newspaper in Mexico City that followed Associated Press style. That means I’m fluent in Canadian, British, and American English (and I can tell you what dreich and shoogly mean too).

I’ve interviewed doctors and nurses, writers and actors, artists and engineers, educators and bankers. I’ve covered two NASA rocket launches, many international TV festivals, and an Internet of Things conference. I’ve worked as a multimedia coordinator at the Olympics, firing off crucial games-time information to rights-holding broadcasters in Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio, and Pyeongchang.

I completed the Creative Bridges program at CodeBase Edinburgh to develop an idea for a data-driven communications project and am volunteering with the Scottish Tech Army, supporting organisations affected by coronavirus. 

Diane Wild

Diane Wild

Communications consultant

Diane is a strong communications professional that consistently delivers on well thought out strategies that meet the goal, are creative and can be implemented with ease. She is a writer that keeps you engaged and connects with your emotions. I often read her writing with a smile, a laugh, a tear or it has provoked me to think about something in a new way. My go to person for sure.


Vice President, Communications, (see LinkedIn)

I’ve worked with Diane in a few ways over the years. She’s an excellent teammate, a solid professional mentor and coach for those more junior to her and she’s the kind of consultant you want to hire. She’s a sharp strategist who will listen, research and assess a project’s goals and background before getting too far into the tactical mud. She gets measurement, too, and she can also execute tactics, including a whole range of digital tools, on her own. She is also a lot of fun to be around and a genuinely good person.


Director of Corporate Communications, (see LinkedIn)

Diane is a talented and skilled communicator. I’ve worked with her over the years on a number of health care-related strategic communications projects, and thoroughly enjoyed her open and creative collaboration style. That has led to some great results, including the production of an award-winning video. It is also worth mentioning that Diane is an all around lovely person to work with should she be on your project or team.


Communications professional, (see LinkedIn)

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