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Websites and social media

Fraser Health

At Fraser Health, a Canadian health authority serving 1.8 million people, my social media activities included leading the “Sometimes it IS brain surgery” multimedia campaign, featuring a Tweet-up with a brain surgeon, YouTube and Facebook posts that followed a patient through her brain surgery, and stories in the employee newsletter.

A senior member of the digital communications team, I oversaw policy, strategy, and the digital channels. In that role I was editor in chief of the weekly employee e-newsletter, which was distributed to the 26,000 staff and 6,000 physicians. I’ve also used MailChimp to produce newsletters for a variety of clients.

NASA Socials

Through the NASA Social program I was accredited to cover two rocket launches through my personal social media channels, gaining access to the scientists, engineers and astronauts behind the missions.

Why Wanderlust?

Using the Divi theme by WordPress and some custom coding, I built an online presence for a client’s travel blog and associated social media. 

TV, eh?

I created the TV, eh? website in 2006, building a WordPress platform and social media community around the Canadian television industry. I have appeared on radio and television as an expert on the Canadian television industry and been quoted in local, provincial and national news stories, as well as writing feature articles for Canadian Screenwriter and Reel West magazines. I also covered the Banff Media Festival and other events as accredited media.

After retiring the site for a year, I led an Indiegogo campaign to revive it and raised more than 1400% of my goal (more than $20,000) — a testament to the value of the site to the community.


I also designed the site you’re on now, using the Divi theme by WordPress, as well as awildwanderer.com for my personal blogging.

Non-profit organisations

I manage websites and social media for community groups and charities where I’ve introduced accessibility guidelines such as using image descriptions, video captions and #CamelCaseHashtags, allowing easier access for people using screen readers and with hearing impairments.

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