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Employee engagement

What Matters to You Day

I was the communications consultant for Fraser Health’s What Matters to You Day, when health care providers across the province were encouraged to start asking that question with the simple goal of encouraging meaningful conversations between patients, caregivers and families and their health care providers.

A communications plan brought together tactics such as storytelling, a call to action for health care workers, and photography. A photograph I took ended up on the front page of The Province, one of British Columbia’s most-read newspapers.


Six Word Stories

To improve employee engagement and create a pipeline for further storytelling, I created a six word story campaign for a health care organization under the theme “what I do matters.” The campaign’s goals included increasing readership of the employee newsletter by 10%, introducing new features to the newly redesigned website (“liking” news stories), and highlighting the great work of health care providers. It was promoted through stories in the employee newsletter, screensavers and offline posters to attract frontline employees. Full-length stories were pursued based on particularly compelling submissions.


“What I Do Matters” stories (I conducted the interviews and wrote the articles)

Change Day B.C.

As part of a strategy to promote Fraser Health employee engagement and improve the patient experience, I spearheaded the “Change Day B.C.” communications. Our activies resulted in the most pledges among health care organisations in British Columbia, Canada.

Feature articles:

My Safety Promise

 The multimedia “My Safety Promise” communications project I led earned a Health Care Public Relations Association award and an honourable mention from Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards.

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